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By synxer (registered) | Posted August 12, 2010 at 11:01:43

So the CFL commish lobbied a few times right around when the stadium debate was at it's hottest. So what, right?

Joey Coleman writes:

In public records released online yesterday, it was revealed that CFL Commissioner Mark Cohen meet with four cabinet Minister during the lead-up to the Hamilton vote: * Atlantic Gateway Minister Keith Ashfield; * Finance Minister Jim Flaherty; * Minister of State (Sport) Gary Lunn; and * Minister of National Defence Peter MacKay.

But after reading Joey Coleman's great piece, my irrational, paranoid side manifested this thought:

  • Bob Young was cool with whatever site Hamilton chose.
  • Cohen was not. Perhaps thinking he would be preventing another Ottawa-type stadium issue.
  • Cohen lobbies Bob Young.
  • Bob Young must stay hum, so he makes a business case out of it, knowing our team might be on its way to Atlantic Canada or part of an overall expansion announcement.
  • Cohen also lobbies for government affirmation of East Mountain, citing a 7 team league isn't much of a league; losing a team may squash an Atlantic expansion investment.

I can't help but imagine something a little more elaborate, perhaps not nearly as elaborate as my paranoia.

There are a few sudden movements in this whole stadium debate that smell icky.

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