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By fastcars (registered) | Posted May 03, 2006 at 00:59:51

Interesting that you are doing some research on lifestyle centers. I didn't know Centre Mall was going to be exclusively big box--I though they might go a little more on the lifestyle centre side--that is, some big boxes surrounded by "streetscapes" of specialty shops--of course the irony being that that is how Centre Mall was built in the first place. Anyway, the blueprint for the lifestyle centers as they've been built in the Detroit area is that they contain some big boxes, but mix them in with key ingredients--generally a movieplex, some signature restaurants and a bunch of specialty stores. There was one built in the very upscale suburb of Novi, Michigan a few years ago called Fountain Walk. Fountain Walk has been pretty much a failure--most of the stores "deep" in the artificial street scape are vacant, as are a few of the big boxes. The truth is, the climate here makes it miserable for a good part of the year. On the flipside, another, the Village at Rochester Hills has done well, and a massive one, by mall developer Taubman Centers is being built called The Mall at Partridge Creek--and they've attracted some a-list anchors. The Centre Mall case will be interesting to watch--they could put something decent together is Sears decides to stay--but if they try to replicate the Meadowlands down there, I don't see it working.

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