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By Andrea (registered) | Posted August 25, 2010 at 16:09:37

"with the focus on people who are interested in cycling more but are concerned about doing so on city streets"

IMHO that statement is very progressive thinking. Whereas in Hamilton, we have definitely utilized bicycle lanes & the addition of bike racks on city buses (all good), but we are still encouraging cycling in areas that are potentially very dangerous to anyone travelling by any means other than car. The intersection of Stonechurch Road and Golf Links comes to mind, very hazardous to be cycling around the Meadowlands. It's one thing to change your the lines that are painted on the road, but their commitment to planning around a cycling culture is very commendable.

From my own observations, in Hamilton we do have a huge segment of the community that rely on bicycles for transporation. This speakes to issues other than the greening of the City. Some choose to ride their bikes out of sheer economic necessity. I live East of downtown and there is a huge difference between 'cyclists' and 'dudes on bikes'.

This is why I had previously questioned how drivers can be more engaged and aware of anyone that is on a bicycle. Every day I witness some pretty reckless moves made by both drivers and those on bicycles.

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