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By brian (registered) | Posted August 26, 2010 at 22:02:17

Oshawa councillor Robert Lutczyk said "I'm not saying Oshawa's going to be bankrolling this thing".."Absolutely not ... we wouldn't be financiers; we would be facilitators.".....Councillor Marimpietri said in an e-mail he originally agreed to holding the meeting to look at the idea, but "promptly withdrew my support in writing almost immediately after doing some intensive fact-finding research of my own" about the idea. He said Oshawa is one of the Argos larger season ticket fan bases and said going after the ticats would be poaching. Lutczyk said he would try and bring the issue back up....Try it, said Marimpietri....."If he tries to bring this up at (strategic initiatives), as chair of the committee I will rule his ass out of order on the basis of facts found," he e-mailed. "Enough is enough.". I dont think any of this cities that have been mentioned have done any real fact finding but i think Marimpietri has. Once they get a look at the dollars and cents of it all they will all realize it isnt going to happen. The CFL has to realize that both Hamilton and Toronto are still not out of the woods as far as surviving goes. Im sure Braley had to step into buying the argos cause nobody wanted them and except for Ottawa getting another team! for the 3rd time...i don't think the CFL would work in any other Ontario city. I dont think any place would come up with the money cause they know it would be a money losing, tax grabbing propostion. Hamilton not having a team would hurt the argos and the what there is of a southern ontario market.

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