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By tripleseq (registered) | Posted August 29, 2010 at 18:27:31

I'm perfectly fine with the outcome of all of this being the stadium gets killed and the Ticats go bankrupt. Hey, a million and more a year back in the coffers of the city and a clean cut from this city's 'past'. Not having a football team doesn't seem to hold back Kitchener-Waterloo; National Post ranked them in their real-estate review as the best property investment in Ontario (guess who was 2nd? - Hamilton). What's funny about all of this is that the people who are going to be living in this city 30 years from now, the young people who are massivly in support of West Harbour, don't go to Ticats games. Take a look at the people on the streets wearing Ticats hats, jerseys, they are inevitably 40-50 something blue collars. Funny though, I went to Mac, liked football, never went to a Ticats game because it was too far from campus in an unfamiliar city. Ironic that killing West Harbour may in the end kill the Cats last chance of a future generation of fans. Certainly the 80%+ polling of young people that thought WH was a better idea (duh!) will not take well to any other outcome, and if the Cats fan base wasn't eroded already, it certainly will be now. Think you're losing money now Bob? Truth is that people in Ontario don't care about CFL (or really anything other than Hockey, MMA, and Soccer) for some reason. Look at the Argos or the Jays, they are practically bankrupt too. If Bob Young can't make his business work at West Harbour it is probably (more than anything) because few people are interested in what he's selling. I think a soccer team is a better plan, it appeals to the multicultural nature of SWO and will have 'legs' much moreso than steelworker football.

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