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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted September 05, 2010 at 11:39:27

my bike got shared on friday.

Stolen from my back yard. It was locked to my fence and they cut the fence to get it. It seems very weird and targeted because there were two functioning unlocked beaters right next to it, so it was not an opportunistic joyride theft.

Every single part of this bike was hand built or hand picked by me and very unique and noticeable. If you see anything close to this even if the colour is wrong (or easy changes like the handlebars) please let me know through the bike shop or send mail to sean (at

I built the wheels myself so the rims are matching (vuelta) but the hubs do not match. The rear is an old sachs silver torpedo hub. The front is a newer novatec generator hub. The frame has no vintage value. It was some off brand (Nova) but I removed the stickers.

The bars are Velo Orange and have a laser etched VO logo on them. The seat is also Velo Orange (different from what is pictured). I also added a silver rear rack and changed the pedals since this picture was taken.

Please keep an eye out...


My Bike Handlebars - Duomatic Rear Hub - Sachs

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