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By Meredith (registered) - website | Posted September 05, 2010 at 17:29:12

It's not exactly loony to point out that the steel mills are the undisputed largest single polluter, nor to show the contaminants at one's house, whether it's the black powder all over your siding, the guck on your windows, or the residue you have to get off your lawn ornaments every few weeks.

Over 8 million tonnes of greenhoue gases a year chugged out by the steel mills, all for a few thousand jobs? Even without the stuff they're NOT supposed to be spewing out, there are other uses for that land that involve a lot more jobs and a lot less pollution.... but I wonder if this city will ever get there.

From page 8 of this report the city prepared last year -- that 8+ million tonnes is sixty-one percent of the pollution in Hamilton each year(yes, 61% of the greenhouse gas pollution in this city come from steel mills.). Again, even without all the other contaminants they're spewing, that's a ridiculously high number.

We can do all we can to reduce pollution in other ways, but the steel mills are still going to be nullifying pretty much any effort in this city to reduce pollution. That's not pleasant, no one likes to hear it, and it's terrifying to a city who has a big chunk of their identity off a steel industry that used to provide a lot of jobs.. but it's how things are now.

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