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By lone wolf (anonymous) | Posted September 09, 2010 at 20:38:09

Transit city doesn't include a critical link for Toronto to Pearson. This alone shows a lack of planning,and can cost Toronto revenue long term. Accessibility makes our city more palatable for both residents,and visitors. Subways move more people,it will also allow all GTA residents to more easily access the core. Taking a few more cars off the road,helping the environment. Buses,hopefully we can move to EV as the existing fleet gets replaced. Solar powered charge stations can serve TTC,plus other vehicles as EV becomes more available?Removing streetcars, implementing more diamond lanes for v
ehicles with 2,or more people can't hurt. Bikes could share this lane a
lso. Hopefully Mr.Ford is considering s the environment if he becomes mayor... Just thinking aloud:)

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