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By Jordan Kerim (anonymous) | Posted September 10, 2010 at 05:20:52

We just need to have trains of like three double length articulated low floor streetcars running down all the streetcar routes in this city running every minute and a half with stiff penalties for some driver holding up hundreds of passnegers while making a left turn. When service levels reach that point people will just flock for the streetcars, and the sheer volume of passengers will help with the expenses somewhat. That is what streetcar service was like in Toronto back in the 1950s. I got a good sense of this when I found this photo of a line up of streetcars on Carlton St going on all the way to the horizon, literally, because of a car accident blocking the tracks. And how are things in Hamilton anyhoo, is the city still going to get light rail on King St.(I heard the tracks would be on King although I always thought Main would be better since it's wider)? I hope Hamilton gets its streetcars back, I've had many dreams of it happening and I used to do drawings of low floor LRVs with the HSR logo back in the day..

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