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By Greek cypriot (anonymous) | Posted September 21, 2010 at 11:54:44

A friend recently told me about the world project in Dubai falling apart but i did not really believe him. So i went on line to find out for myself.

Thats is when i realized what Dubai is all about. Its a hellhole in disguise. Just today i came to understand what really happens in Dubai. Slavery, prostitution, corruption and grand theft.

I will certainly not be visiting Dubai! I suppose most of the educated humans in the world know about the open wounds of humanity in undeveloped countries such as slavery, forced prostitution, human organs trade, dictatorships, rapes, womens sexual organs being cut off, , mass imprisonment of innocent people etc and disapprove of them

But i never believed that those same people would be supporting this dictatorships who is responsible for all those crimes by working,buying up property and worse of all visiting Dubai as tourists and spending all their money thus supporting this corrupt system.

i hope nature reclaims its land and destroy once and for all that hellhole!

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