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By mrjanitor (registered) | Posted September 21, 2010 at 15:21:32

I'm going to get skewered for this but I have to...

The Pearl Company did this to themselves.... OUCH! Look, it's true. My wife and I tried to buy the building on King near Sherman where the old internet cafe was. We were going to run a coffee house for acoustic music as a hobby in the storefront and live in one of the units. I did my homework and found that it was unworkable for many reasons, most of them city by-laws. Once again, I DID MY DUE DILIGENCE. If I bought that property and just decided that I was going to launch a public relations campaign to get want I wanted while I was operating outside the law I would have no reason to be surprised I was getting fines. No matter how good for the neighborhood or a city a business is you can't expect everyone to bow to your will because you are awesome.

There are many parking issues there, I lived around King William and Emerald in an old house for two years so I know what I'm talking about. Most of the people in the area are NOT crack addicts but are young families or older folks. Street parking is a war there, the roads are really narrow. No matter how vital an entity The Pearl Company was/is it is not fair to discount the noise and parking concerns of the people who live in the neighborhood, their neighborhood. They were there long before the Pearl Company came along.

Yes, their are by-laws and regulations that stifle growth in this and all cities that need to be reviewed, just please don't play shocked when the #@%$ hits the fan if you knowingly decide to operate in violation of them.

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