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By Ward3culture (anonymous) | Posted September 21, 2010 at 15:49:36

Firstly, lets not blame the bureaucrats, as they take their direction from the elected leadership. It's clearly evident from Councillor Morelli's quote about "there is a process", that he has done nothing to aid The Pearl Company.

Secondly, lets not say The Pearl Company has violated any bylaw. They have only been charged, but not convicted. To say anything different is erroneous.

In fact, the judge directing the City to work out a solution, tells me the city's case is not all that strong. But, the city has lawyers and lots of OUR money to continue to pursue and add on additional charges without even determining if the first one can stick.

Seems to me like Councillor Morelli has a cultural witch hunt on the go; Jeremy Freiburger regarding Morelli - from The Hamiltonian "didn’t think our activity was right for “his” ward", the Festival of Friends talking of leaving Ward 3, The Pearl Company out of Ward 3.

Who else sees a definitive pattern?

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