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By mrjanitor (registered) | Posted September 21, 2010 at 16:45:50

In defense:

Jonathan Dalton- I stand by my statement that parking was horrible. Emerald between King William and Wilson was a war zone, especially in winter. Is the 'Bullshit' comment really warranted just because you have a different experience or view point?

Henry and Joe- Thank you for comments. This is what makes RTH so wonderful.It IS a great use for a building, we agree. Yes, it was a factory but it was not an entertainment facility. I am not in any way challenging the need that is filled by The Pearl Company. What I am saying is that the owners have no right to be shocked or disappointed at the issues that have come up. They knew the rules but ran a business anyway. I do not support or endorse all of the rules or the procedures to rectify them, but for others in the neighborhood they may be important. Does the noble mission of The Pearl Company trump rules and process? If it does where does that stop, just at The Pearl Company?

And Yes, there are many 'businesses' operating that I just do not know HOW they got their approvals (rubntugs, Show-world downtown) and it disturbs me that they did. You are right, what I am trying to do is stay focused on The Pearl Company, this discussion could easily drift in too many different tangents. It may be a good idea to start a new thread on other businesses. I thank you for your respect and I hope we can be friends even if we differ on things.

z jones- I thank you for your comments and yes, I know exactly what I was saying. Trust me, you cannot hear the heartbreak I was reliving while typing my original post. How many other people have had beautiful dreams crushed by city hall? So many I am sure. You are right about development, and I am not a fan of the process. However, sometimes it is in place for a reason and we have to hold our nose and get on with it even if we don't see the need for it from our perspective. I wasn't brave or naive enough just to go ahead anyway like The Pearl Company did, bravo for them. I also wish them success. Just please don't cry when the opposing forces hit back, when you've challenged the machine expect some body parts to get mangled. Be ready for it and have plans to minimize the damage. At my age I've lived through too much to expect anything else.

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