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By Paul (registered) | Posted September 22, 2010 at 23:02:05

Actually it was revealed in today's paper that Peaceful parks is taking the matter to court. To help, let the Port Authority know you want to keep the island. Tell arcelor Mittel that this is not worth their funding (they cause far more odours than the cormorants). The effects of removing the island are unstudied except the obvious loss of bird habitat and the threat to other areas like Neare Island were Herring Gulls nest as the two will conflict for habitat. Neare ?Island is not being touched because the gulls are there showing further prejudice against cormorants.

As for the population, it is a sustainable one and is not overpopulated. Overpopulation causes starvation and ilnness none of which is evident here so there is no need for population control. In fact control could increase invasive fish populations.

It does not matter if there are thousands in Toronto except it means the Hamilton birds cannot move there. Most fish species already live in the area of the island so it is questionable how much extra habitat will really help. but as Farr Island is manmade, keeping them there keeps them off natural areas which is a good thing for those averse to the cormorants habitat modification.

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