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By GO GO (anonymous) | Posted September 23, 2010 at 09:25:01


Sorry, but I have to agree with with mrjanitor... I have lived in the area of Barton/Wentworth for 4.5 years and have seen the same thing happen.

Attention by police goes downtown the Prostitutes come up to Barton, They do some "sweeping" on Barton they go somewhere else and return when the heat is off. I have seen them walk all the way from King to "go to work' on Barton.

The Chief of Police got a not so happy email about the prostitutes on Barton and about them "doing" their customers in my neighbours driveways! The result was that they did a sweep of the area and arrested some "johns" and some prostitutes. That didn't last long.

So yes, some areas do get better at the expense of others! Where do you think the druggies and prostitutes go? Just disappear into thin air!

Do I think Morelli has done anything in the time he has been councilor... NO WAY!. In the just the last 4.5 years I have lived hear Barton has gotten more derelict and has more prostitutes. That is why ward 3 needs a new man/women on the block and more people like Barbara Milne and Gary Santucci! I would rather put up with a bit of a parking issue then seeing some prostitute doing the nasty in some ones driveway or Cathy Weaver schools parking lot... which has also happened!!!


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