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By Workerbee (anonymous) | Posted September 23, 2010 at 09:43:40

Perhaps, I mis-understood, or am being mis-understood myself. I agree with both mrjanitor (btw, I do live in Ward 3 and understand the situation first hand), and GO GO, on many points.

My point is that all Morelli says is; The police sweep on King, the problem moves to Barton, the police sweep on Barton and it moves to King. It's a circle and I've heard it from his own mouth. He usually follows up that comment by saying prostitution is not illegal, so you need to lobby your MP...

My point is if the problem just keeps getting moved around, then lets do something differently. Ask other candidates if they'd address the problem any differently. The one candidate I listened to talked a different game, with different ideas that made sense to me.

Will his ideas work? I can't be sure, but I am sick (and sickened) by the defeatist attitude of Morelli, who is seemingly content to just move the problem around the ward. After all what does he care, he has never even lived in the ward...

I do know that past behaviour is the best indicator of future performance, so Morelli has got to GO GO. ;)

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