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By Bizarro (anonymous) | Posted September 24, 2010 at 21:55:48

WOW, this is just bizarre!!!

How, how, how, how, how, how....did an exception to zoning get issued for the Studebaker property for FREE when the proposer (Northbrook) didn't even have an offer on the property????

From; "Graham, who hasn't yet made an offer on the former Studebaker building, said he won't move forward unless council allows him an exemption from the new zoning bylaw."

An exception to a Ward 3 zoning issue with zero skin in the game. And The Pearl has how many hundreds of thousands spent and a track record. Where is this Sports Hub now? Not even a whisper since 2 days in The Spec back in April.

Oh yeah and Lloyd Ferguson got a gymnastic club in Ancaster an exception as well. I'd like to know what is cost the gymnastic club for amendment. RTH can you please ask and publish the truth, because my faith in ever learning the truth is dimishing by the minute, no sorry second.

Good magicians use distraction, bravo Lloyd 'Houdini' Ferguson, bravo.

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