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By Gary Santucci (anonymous) | Posted September 25, 2010 at 09:46:28

"did not submit a rezoning application nor did he submit a Committee of Adjustment application regarding changing a legal non-conforming use."

One only needs to review the punitive fee schedule to understand why we have not submitted a rezoning application. Regarding the application for a variance to the Committee of Adjustment, what Al Fletcher does not tell you, is that The Planning Department is on record as stating that they will not support a decision that is favourable to the Pearl Company and would appeal the decision. This would force the entire issue back to The Economic Planning and Development Committee where there is no political will to reject the appeal as Councillor Morelli has never come to the table, preferring to rely on a broken, punishing process that is hostile to small business development in this City. Both Morelli and the Process are out of touch with today's reality.

Al Fletcher also mentions the Westside Theatre as having gone through the process, what he doesn't tell you is that now after spending tens of thousands of dollars on the rezoning the facility is now up for sale.

The combination of onerous fees, acquisition costs and necessary upgrades make these buildings impossible economic propositions. Perhaps they should become all City owned and operated by bureaucrats where there is an unlimited amount of public tax dollars available to operate them.

Gary Santucci

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