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By Serendipity (registered) | Posted September 25, 2010 at 10:24:36

The City knows how to be creative, and forgiving, regarding zoning and fees however they are very selective. Tim Hortons at Bay and Cannon is a case in point.

The City has laws to protect the downtown zone; specifically NO drive-thrus. Tim's wanted a drive-thru at the aforementioned corner but Cannon Street was/is included in the downtown zone so Tim Horton's was a no-go.

But, then the miracle happened. The City folks put their heads together and came up with a most creative zoning solution, a first I believe, and divided Cannon Street right down the middle of the road so the south side was in the downtown zone and the north side wasn't. Since Tim's drive-thru was to be on the north side of Cannon, now part of the residential zone due to the Cannon street split, it turned out that the zoning was okey-dokey.

As of today, Cannon Street, both south and north, is again part of the downtown zone and no drive-thrus are allowed.

If the City can come up with a let's bend-the-rules solution for a Tim's franchise at Bay and Cannon, surely they can work hand-in-hand with Hamilton's beloved Pearl and do the same.

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