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By Mahesh_P_Butani (registered) - website | Posted September 25, 2010 at 13:59:33

Re-envisioning the Pearl

This Art thing is not working out for the city. Whoever came up with the idea that it is about you and your dreams, was wrong! It has always been about them, their processes and their ways. They own the book on this. You don't.

So don't sweat it. It is time to stop being creative. It is time to conform. The assumptions that artists make are false. There are no variances from the code. It is written in the code book itself.

Ever wonder why the occasional digression is called a minor-variance? It is just that, an insignificant change from the larger plan.

Art is not good for society. It instigates people to think, and even feel. It is not good for the process as it makes people believe in themselves again. Art should not be encouraged in a society that is trying to remain focused on becoming the best place to raise children. What kind of children do you think would grow up in a place that fosters thinking and believing?

It is time to stop fighting conformity. It is futile. Instead let us focus on the one thing that fits well into the plan. Religion.

The Code allows for this. The Book encourages it. It does not challenge those who promote religion for good reasons. Wars have been fought over this. They are profitable. When was the last time a war was fought over Art?

So, from today, let us endeavour to turn our "Pearl" into a place of worship. The best place to worship in Ontario.

Let us remove all art, installations and poetry from the Pearl, and instead build altars to the Gods.

There will be no conflict in this minor-variance. It is a perfect fit with the big plan. And they will even pay for this minor variance.

Some of the altars to be built in this new venture will be to:

Athene: goddess of Wisdom and Justice; Asclepius: The god of medicine and healing; Athena: The goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, industry, justice and skill; Erinyes: The avengers of wrong.

There will be no special event permiting required here, for the major altars will be dedicated to:

Dionysus: The Greek god of wine; Hades: The god of the underworld; Persephone: The goddess of the underworld; Melpomene: The Muse of tragedy.

There is just one minor-undertaking to be given here. There will be no altars built here for:

Muses: The goddesses of music, poetry, the arts, and science; Thalia: The Muse of comedy and light poetry; Erato: The Muse of lyric poetry.

The Code has a way of bringing everything into compliance, while keeping the forces of the higher order of inquiry away from the place of worship.

The Book points us to:

The Neighbourhood Institutional (I1) zone [which] allows uses that you would see in your neighbourhood. These local uses have little impact on the surrounding residents and are used by those living near by. Some of the uses that would be allowed in the Neighbourhood Institutional zone are:

Elementary Schools, ..Places of Worship.. Residential Dwellings, Retirement Homes, Residential Care Facility.

8.1 NEIGHBOURHOOD INSTITUTIONAL (I1) ZONE: No person shall erect, or use any building in whole or in part, or use any land in whole or in part, within a Neighbourhood Institutional I1 Zone for any purpose other than one or more of the following uses, or uses accessory thereto. Such erection or use shall also comply with the prescribed regulations:

8.1.1 --- PERMITTED USES: Day Nursery, Duplex Dwelling, Educational Establishment, Emergency Shelter, Home Business, Museum, ..Place of Worship.., Residential Care Facility, Retirement Home, Semi-Detached Dwelling, Single Detached Dwelling, Educational Establishment.

8.1.2 --- PROHIBITED USES: consisting of a Secondary School, College or University.

There will be no code compliance issues from now on. For, it is about God. It is about Code itself.

Art has hurt the bigger plan, so let us turn to religion instead, and re-submit.

-Mahesh P. Butani

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