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By zippo (registered) | Posted September 25, 2010 at 18:49:08

"If you can show me an actual study that comes from the HPA that proves me wrong rather than just quoting, I would be happy to see it. It took me weeks to get what information I could from the HPA because they were not very forthcoming. I do not take what I write lightly."

Paul as far as I know the studies themselves were not done by the Port Authority, they were done by various academics under the co-odination of the RAP working group. For some reason unknown to me many of the older ones which include the fisheries plan, seem not to be available on line anymore, but they are all available at the RAP offices which are in the Canadian Center for Inland Waters building next to the skyway bridge, and I would imagine, though I have not checked this, that many of them will also be at the main branch of the Public Library downtown in the gov't documents section, last time I was READING THEM, which was several years ago, thats where I went.

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