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By Gary Santucci (anonymous) | Posted September 26, 2010 at 17:47:07

1986 turns out was bad year for many of our industrial, commercial and institutional buildings in the core of Hamilton. A City government initiative essentially took away the property rights of the owners by rezoning their buildings to various classifications of residential use. These categories have innocuous names like D2, D5 urban protected etc. In so doing they created the use known as "Legal Non-Conforming Use". Owners and purchasers of these buildings have submitted and do submit applications to the Committee of Adjustment to expand their Legal Non-conforming use with a variance(exactly what we are proposing). As long as there is a contiguous commercial use or intent the use remains no matter what the zoning is. Please see the Cannon Street file that can be found on our website by selecting the rezone tab.It is very instructive as it relates to this topic. I can only share so much information on the blogs with all of you, however, perhaps now is the time to convene an open forum to present all of the information on how the City of Hamilton has used its considerable power of differentiation. In the meantime I will endeavour to clarify the points.

Gary Santucci

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