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By ummm..... (anonymous) | Posted September 26, 2010 at 21:44:51

i wonder what the neighbours think of the current illegal use? i wonder if they have any issues with the facility? i wonder how we could find out? hmmm...

i know! if only there was a process for changing use of a building that was facilitated by a larger group that represents the population, lets call it "the city." as part of this process, property owners who would like to change the use of a building, which they purchased knowing what the zoning was, could discuss with the community their plans and find out if the people who live next door and are directly exposed to the new use, have any real and material reason to object to the new proposed use. then, if everyone is cool with it the new use would be permitted.

wouldn't that be great?

or i guess we could just let anyone do anything with buildings, screw everybody else.

if "you can't pull me over and charge me for speeding because i see other people speeding all the time" was a valid defence for breaking the law in society, where would we be?

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