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By Paul (registered) | Posted September 28, 2010 at 15:23:30

It is a shame people are not nearly as fired up about this than the stadium which in the end will have far less impact on our daily life than the loss of land to Aerotropolis. Further, in the interest of continuing my animal advocasy, this project will also result in loss of biodiversity as well as increase wildlife conflicts (i.e. deer, coyotes etc) as well as further fragment and isolate remaining habitat.

We also just had three more watermain breaks showing we need more attention to what we have instead of expanding further. There is also the matter of a severe lack of proper transit connectivity to existing areas of our city and we do not need to fragment our population further by sprawling further before we can properly accomodate what we have. After all, all those warehouse labourers and security guard positions may not all be filled by people who can afford cars!

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