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By Gary Santucci (anonymous) | Posted September 29, 2010 at 09:00:43


"Development charges for industrial lands are currently discounted more than two-thirds, meaning residents will have to pay for most of the servicing costs of the Aerotropolis."

Al Fletcher states in the RTH article - no option for the Pearl Company.

He notes; it would be illegal "bonusing" to "provide special treatment for one business over another" by making an exception for the Pearl Company.

Exceptions are made all of the time(remember the Studebaker Plant and other industrial parks). The Citizens of Hamilton get hoodwinked again. The Tax base differential is currently at 83% residential 17% commercial(source City Manager Chris Murray). 90 -10 anyone? Hamilton has the fifth highest residential tax rate in the country. Are we heading for number 1? (just a reminder- The Pearl Company pays commercial taxes that are up-to-date.)

Gary Santucci

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