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By Sarah Wayland (anonymous) | Posted September 29, 2010 at 11:11:29

This post and subsequent comments are both exciting and disturbing. I strongly agree with the first comment (by Jason Allen) about the need to support small businesses. Doing so may not be deemed as "newsworthy," but it would be forward thinking: Over the last 10 years, fully 98.5% of all new jobs in Canada were created by firms with under 100 employees, and almost 60% of those were created by firms with fewer than 5 employees. The self employment rate in Ontario has risen substantially since the early 1970s, with the self employed labour force growing at more than two times the rate of wage and salary employment. (Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey data) I would rather see support for new and existing small businesses -- including the Pearl Company -- than greenfield sprawl that may never attract large employers.

We should definitely be asking candidates about their views on this issue.

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