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By M. Desnoyers (anonymous) | Posted September 29, 2010 at 11:25:50


You are soooo right!

Would you as an average citizen read through the 2100 pages of reports that have been produced over the past 5 years in an attempt to be informed? The city has done an excellent job of keeping this low key including holding the vast majority of public meetings in the nether regions of the city that were inaccessible to public transportation. The local media has all but ignored the issue so there has been no real opportunity for meaningful debate. The article posted here has been sent to every media venue in the city and we have received zero questions from any source.

What is frightening is that the wake up call will come when taxes go up yet again to fund the Aerotropolis. It is obvious that there are very powerful forces in this city which far outweigh the desires of the taxpayer!

M. Desnoyers

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