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By Paul (registered) | Posted September 30, 2010 at 01:40:49

There are a few good points but....No to GO stations, LRT? Remove parking metres we already paid for? Deregualte the planning Process? again with more garbage alowed? Nope I cannot see supporting this platform.

Frankly the more I see the more hopless things look. Aerotropolis will not die but keeps rising from the grave, I have seen no Mayoral plan I have any faith in.....Tonight I was speakning to some very intelligent and normally environmentally aware folk but they donot even know what I mean by Aerotropolis! How will this ever be defeated if there are so many caring folk who do not even know what is happening?

I was going to see if I could make some of the commitee meeting on this issue on today (Thursday) but dont think my nerves could take it anymore. I cringe at the thought of so many making passionate and informed speeches opposing the project knowling full well the vote has already been decided and that few councillors are actually listening.

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