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By allthekingsmen (anonymous) | Posted September 30, 2010 at 14:55:00


Agreed, that many arts entrepreneurs have started in the city. But they've almost without exception established outside of Ward 3.

Why do you think that is? Let me tell you what I think (ok, know).

I know of one art entrepreneur who found the perfect building, exactly what they were looking for to invest their money, but it was on the east side of Wellington (i.e. Ward 3). Guess what, they passed on that opportunity, they wouldn't even dream of buying in Ward 3. They ended up purchasing a building, and have built a seemingly successful business in Ward 2.

Why do you think they made that decision not to invest in Ward 3? Let me tell you why.

Comments like Jeremy Freiburger; "Our Councillor straight up told me he didn’t think our activity was right for “his” ward, we couldn’t get anyone to meet with the building owners at 270 Sherman who made the bold step to work with us....". The lack of councillor support they saw from the councillor at The Pearl Company drove them out of Ward 3.

Processes are circumvented all the time, i.e. a developer getting a zoning exemption on the Studebaker Plant, without even having an offer on the building, a gymnastics club getting added in at the last minute by their councillor (Lloyd Ferguson). No process, no questions, it just happened. And where is the developer at the Studebaker plant now, 2 days in April and then nothing. How does a shady deal like that happen for an out of town developer with nothing invested? I'll tell you Lloyd Ferguson wanted an exemption for the gymnastic club in his ward and like a masterful magician used the Studebaker plant as a diversion.

Morelli hates the arts. Why? Because, he hates anything he can't control, anything that doesn't have an angle for him, and like Humpty Dumpty is ready for a great fall.

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