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By M. DEsnoyers (anonymous) | Posted September 30, 2010 at 16:25:06


The AEGD is not reliant on air travel or air freight but the consultants hired by the city have made a very clear and definite connection between the success of the AEGD and the corresponding success of HIA. I have just come from the ED&P where I gave a 90 minute presentation and prior to me a planning expert made the very same connection. He went so far as to say that in its current configuration the AEGD will NOT be successful and the risk is too great!

It is unfortunate but to clearly understand the complexity of the proposal you have to at least read the 300 page Phase 1 report, 100 page Phase 2 report, 74 page staff report and at least the Stormwater and Wastewater reports - anouther couple 100 pages.

As a matter of record I believe the Aerotropolis should have first gone before a C.O.W. meeting. During my presentation Councillor Pearson was not present (left at 2:00 and returned around 3:45) Councillor Whitehead was not present (left shortly after 2:00 and did not return by the time I left), Councillor Mitchell walked out of the meeting part way into the presentation and by the time he returned I estimate he missed half and Councillor Bratina left the last 5 miniutes. I thank Councillors Bratina, Duvall, Ferguson, McHattie and Pasuta for their attention.

M. Desnoyers

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