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By rusty (registered) - website | Posted October 06, 2010 at 09:34:55

"So, tell me, as a Brit (ex or otherwise) how do you feel about their use of the words homely (where we would say homey) and pressurized (when we would say pressured)?"

Yeah, I guess when we say "Homey" over here it means something entirely different... :) I've gotten used to words like pressurized though (I guess I've been here too long).

The N American pronunciations still irk me. 'Tune' pronounced 'toon' instead of 'tuoon'. 'Rowter' instead of 'rooter'. And telling the time! "The time is a quarter after 5" No it's not! It's quarter PAST five!

And the way numbers are read: "That makes a hundred twenty two" No! It's a hundred AND twenty two!

My wife (a Canadian) can never get over our word, 'whilst'. "What the hell is a 'whilst'? What does it mean?!"

As Rosie would say, it's all quite a palaver... :)

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