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By cmc (anonymous) | Posted October 06, 2010 at 14:07:06

Rosie di Manno is a great reporter who appears to carry a couple of chips on her shoulder. I don't like her as much when she is writing a column. It's her point of view and her assumptions about those who do not agree with her that often annoy me. I have no problem with her use of language. I think she might say that her vocabulary was acquired the hard way and I don't begrudge her choice to put it to use. (Is use of the word "begrudge" within bounds?) It appears that her newspaper holds the opinion that Ms. DiManno attracts enough readers to keep her job. You are not obligated to be one of her readers. There are certainly times when she strains for effect and challenges the reader's patience but I find that I admire her for taking chances.

As to the word "normalcy", I believe it's one of those words that lurked in the background for years and caught a wind and entered the mainstream of bureaucratic and journalistic expression. There certainly are a lot of invented words about but I don't think normalcy is one of them.

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