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By Undustrial (registered) - website | Posted October 06, 2010 at 17:27:04

Living and working in the area, I've simply taken York/Wilson (like McNab and so many others) out of my routing, whether I'm in-car, on foot or cycling. It's more than the inconvenience, too - I'm really worried, especially by the library, that I'm going to ruin a rim, either car or bike, on all the wreckage.

What's most frustrating about the staging is that so many of these spots seem to have been torn up and then left alone - the same type of thing is visible at John and Wilson, eating up at least two corners and a lane or two of traffic, the last time I passed it.

Looking at many of downtown's corners at the moment, it's clear why this happens. Pointless aesthetic upgrades like concrete crosswalks (instead of painted ones) which cost far more, take much more time to build, and wear at drastically different rates than the rest of the asphalt. And then there's all those traffic-calming "bump-outs" that make cycling downtown such a pain, and the vibromatic cobble-stone bike lanes on Ferguson. All pleasant to look at, but all about as practical as burlap underwear.

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