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By sam (registered) | Posted October 09, 2010 at 11:21:13

My wife and I LOVE this place. Rebecca and Mike are great people, the ambiance is cozy, the food and coffee are great. We would love to see more of these small independent businesses open up instead of the cookie-cutter franchises like Starbucks and Second Cup. This kind of place isn't for everyone - some people want the big franchise environment, and that's okay. But I think small businesses like this can really give a community character. I would love to see more small mom & pop shops open up on King - shops like a butcher shop, a fish market, a fruit and vegetable stand, a small grocer, a bakery, a hardware store, and so on. The kind of places where the owners are your neighbours, they know you and you know them. That's what Heart of the Hammer is like. This neighbourhood needs more places like that and more people like Rebecca and Mike. My wife and I are definitely big fans.

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