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By Brandon (registered) | Posted October 09, 2010 at 11:49:37

What dirt does BY have over city council? His only threat is to take the 'Cats away and play somewhere else. What other city is interested in a CFL team at this point? What other city will invest $100+ million to put up a stadium?

Let's take a look at this, shall we?

What does the city want?

Brownfield cleanup and downtown revitalization. The Federal and Provincial money for the games makes this feasible when combined with the Future Fund, money specifically put aside for downtown investment.

What does BY want?

Turn the 'Cats from a money pit into a profit center.

What does WH give us?

Well, it apparently suits the city's needs (demonstrated by being voted for 7 times), but it doesn't give BY any additional revenue streams.

What does the CP site give us?

Suits none of the city's needs, but it does get BY his additional revenue streams.

What has happened? BY has seen a perfect opportunity to hijack Federal, Provincial and Municipal funds to his own profit and is using the threat of taking his ball and going to another home (that doesn't exist!) to accomplish this.

So, for the price of us not revitalizing downtown and remediating brownfields, for the privilege of us building him a stadium and providing him a customer base for Bob's World and Bob's Parking Lots, we also are expected to hand over to him the naming rights of the stadium!

Walk away. Call his bluff and start building downtown. At the least we have $60m to put towards a nice velodrome and a park.

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