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By HamiltonFan (registered) | Posted October 12, 2010 at 09:43:07

No question Kevin, city council is in the hot seat. Should be interesting. While from a pure number of TigerCats fans perspective in this is the minority in Hamilton and one would think it would be easy for council to simply go along with the majority that this deal stinks for the taxpayer, council seems to be indecisive. The problem is they went after the Pan Am Games in the first place and don't want to back out. Also, without the TigerCats on board and their fans, will the PanAms Games draw significant people to a stadium for soccer games? I'm not sure. I know myself as a season ticket holder for the Cats and wanting to see a new stadium here with the Cats on board, if this doesn't happen and the city goes ahead and builds a stadium at WH without the Cats on board which will be a bare bones 15,000, I won't go to any games for the Pan Ams at all, won't spend a dime on it. But if the stadium goes ahead with the Cats and part of my season ticket renewal package is a very cheap package for the Pan Am Games, then I'll buy into it probably and go. So I'm wondering if the city needs TigerCat fans like myself to make the soccer games work for the Pan Ams? I don't know.

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