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By jason (registered) | Posted October 12, 2010 at 20:22:25

most stadiums that are publicly funded are losing propostions for taxpayers. Go read about the San Diego Chargers for example, I was reading the stadium loses $17 mill a year for the city. It's often about the intangibles with stadiums


And that's why the WH is the only site that makes sense for the Hamilton taxpayers who will be footing the bill - it brings a whole host of 'intangibles' otherwise known as development, brownfield clean-up, downtown renewal, waterfront renewal, image boosting etc.... Look at all the private developers who were lining up to build near the WH site. Today Mitchell said that the CP isn't attractive to developers which is why none have come to the table. So, why are we talking about putting a subsidized stadium at a site with no intangibles???
That was the whole argument on RTH and Our City, Our Future all along - stadiums lose money so let's be sure we put ours in the spot with the most and best spinoffs.

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