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By CaptainKirk (anonymous) | Posted October 13, 2010 at 13:02:17

caretaker wrote: "Stadiums without good road access never work. And the WH, no matter what the posters here want to believe, has awful road access by comparison to any successful downtown stadium."

Other than being directly beside the 403, doesn't WH have more lanes leading to it than does the CP site? Doesn't the CP site only have Longwood and Aberdeen, two roads only (each from one direction only!) besides the 403? Am I missing something?

WH has Barton and Bay which would be the equivalent of Longwood and Aberdeen, except that Barton serves WH from 2 directions instead of one.

Also other roads leading to WH are James, Hess, Queen.

And what I continue to miss is why WH's proxinmity to 403 is such a bad thing? Seems very close, a few minutes at most.

Perhaps I'm misinformed but I remain unconvinced.

The greatest plus for WH from my POV is the vibrancy our core wil experience during gamedays along with the spinoff benefits to such exposure, as well as the tremendous national TV exposure that would should off our much maligned city by showcasing the most beautifil part of our city ( from many angles!)

I really wish that the city and province would commit to solving road access issues to WH.

Damn CN!

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