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By NEVER AGAIN (anonymous) | Posted October 15, 2010 at 11:40:16

I have to say after living in a condo I would never do so again. You can hear your neighbors talking through the walls, you can hear them taking a bath and even having sex. I would never even consider living in a place like that again. I makes it hard to resell too when people come to look at the house and they can hear music coming through the walls. Also the atmosphere feels like you are living in a hospital or a mental institution. It's like having strangers living in the next room. I now live in a single family home detached and it was cheaper than any condo and it's fantastic. Tired of living in a sardine can. Also condos tend to attract crime. Never again. I am not excited for these neighborhoods because these kinds of places only attract crime and crowded environments. If you are thinking about this kind of residence please consider all your options first.

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