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By MALEX (anonymous) | Posted October 15, 2010 at 12:07:44

Not sure what sort of condo you lived in, but my wife and I lived in one next to the CN Tower for a few years (CityPlace) and it was like a concrete bunker, you couldn't hear a thing.
I agree it was crowded, it would have to be with that sort of density, but attracting crime? Or the atmosphere of a mental institution? Seriously? Like I said, not sure what sort of development yours was, but it obviously wasn't done to a high enough standard...

Having said that, condos aren't for everyone, and they weren't for us, but it's all about lifestyle and for some people, who don't want the hassle of yard maintenance, etc, it's a great alternative. The more condos Hamilton can attract, the better. Everytime we go back to our old neighbourhood for an Argos or Raptors game, I'm blown away by the vibrancy. And to think, only 15 years ago, the lands around the Skydome were empty warehouses and parking lots.

Someone needs to convince Concord-Adex (the folks behind CityPlace) to come to Hamilton!

As an aside, a previous poster in another thread had stated that you can't build within 300 yards of train tracks? Or something to that effect? How can that be, when our condo literally overlooked the rows and rows of GO Train tracks going into Union Station??

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