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By joejoe (anonymous) | Posted October 15, 2010 at 12:31:22

The lack of accessibility of the prospective jobs is a key factor. I've consulted for places like Rogers in Brampton and Loblaws just N of the 401/W of 410 (it's so remote I don't even know where it is!). Both locations have MASSIVE car parks - the size of airport runways - and it always occurs to me when I get there, "Everyone who works here needs a car".

These work places may have shuttle buses but clearly very few people use them - the car parks are chocca.

And so there lies the problem: Every worker needs a car. For some folks it may be their second or third car in the family. You might as well subtract 10k from the annual salary - the amount it costs to run the car.

I live in downtown Toronto where I have lots of well paying job options, and lots of available transit. I don't need to work for minimum wage and I don't need to run a car. Isn't this what every city should be striving for?

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