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By TreyS (registered) | Posted October 18, 2010 at 13:36:19

The way to help people on poverty is to provide good paying jobs. A stadium creates jobs.... construction, hotel, stadium jobs, any other spinoff business.

I'll bet most of the people from the Spec poll are WH supporters being sore losers. Because most would rather see no stadium if not at the WH.

Poverty worsened or stayed the same, on Fred's watch. Suddenly Fred wants to help people on poverty?

We already pay taxes for roads and sewers and EcDev, this is found money and fed/prov money earmarked for PanAm. It'll get spent somewhere if not in Hamilton. It's one-time money it should be spent on a one-time thing, like a stadium. Exactly how would $60mil FF money help poverty?

I can't wait for the new council voting to put the stadium on Confederation Park.... beautiful icon on the Lake, Go busses use the highway, super accessible, regional stadium uses, private money because they like the location, landmark for Hamilton by the Bridge, marinas, already own the land frees up more money for the stadium, pedestrian bridge, short shuttle ride from the LRT at Eastgate, beach parties, Hamilton pride, and much more.

And this is non-sense. What politicians are going to say NO to help poverty??? It's like asking if you like babies and animals, it's a dumb question.

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