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By frank (registered) | Posted October 18, 2010 at 13:59:39

TreyS I can think of one way $60 million could help poor people... A lot of the people who get flooded basements in the east end are at the lower side of the income scale. Investing it in upgrading sewer capacity in the area to mitigate flooding would both relieve the personal financial problems and stress flooding brings as well as lower the cost to the city for litigation and bandaid repairs associated with flooding. Since the expenses for the previously mentioned things are gone, the City can focus time and money on attempting to address other poverty related issues.

A stadium isn't really going to create long term job stability for all that many people. Putting it in a place like Confederation Park hamstrings the actual affect the stadium can have on surrounding properties as well as spinoff employment in the area...unless you count seasonal minimum wage jobs... Being a resident of that area, that needs to stay a park, it needs to be service properly and the improvements that are proposed for that area need to take place. A stadium does NOT belong there.

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