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By TreyS (registered) | Posted October 18, 2010 at 14:43:10

It proves my point about the one-sided perspective of the commenters and voters, when commenting that 'sewers don't fulfill the FF mandate' ... which is totally true, someone just posted the mandate!!! It gets down-voted.

And pointing out that hotels provide jobs other than room service and house keeping, like I mentioned, they will need legal, accounting, payroll, advertising, web work etc. .. totally true but it gets down voted.

It's this non-sense that is turning RTH against its original mandate.

I'm done. I'm going back to work now. Work for two hotel brochures, eblast advertising and websites in Niagara Falls. I guess that work is low-paying? Which btw, I pay for downtown office space and because my business (that does work for Niagara hotels and restaurants -- businesses that will develop from a stadium), therefore I shop in Jackson Sq and use downtown business services. This is how you get a diverse economy. A hotel uses me for business services in return I use downtown lawyers and banking services. These lawyers will also need business services and all this economic activity is coming from one source, whether is a slaughter house, a steel company, a hotel or a stadium. This this is 'spin-off wealth'. Some people need to grasp how economics work.

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