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By TreyS (registered) | Posted October 18, 2010 at 21:52:13

The way to help people with poverty is to provide good paying jobs. That ends that argument. Whatever means to that end it takes, that is still the end solution to poverty.

IVW is only used for CFL, ten times a year. It is surrounded by residential zoning. Where exactly would a hotel be built around IVW?

A new stadium is not a fair comparison to 90 year-old IVW surrounded by residential zoning. A new stadium will house 2 professional sports franchises, host concerts and regional, provincial and national athletics.

Plus intelligent zoning around a new stadium would provide the opportunity for spin-offs... hotels, f&b and the like. A new stadium owned by the city is not proposing to be just home to a CFL Team, no matter where it is located. Hamilton plans big for the stadium, that is, for multi-use throughout the year -- the bigger and better the stadium the bigger and the better the uses -- regardless of where it is.

The argument of what location will provide the most usages, ergo, be the most profitable for the City is what is at issue. For starters, having a CFL franchise as a tenant is a good place to start. Now find other tenants, conventions, concerts, other athletic users. Don't judge a location on where it will look pretty or what brownfield it will clean, but where would this City-owned venue will make the most money? The answer is by asking potential tenants where they think money is to made. The City is a business, and I don't think you want the City to be in money losing ventures anymore than I do.

For once, stop the prejudice against people that have made their own money!!!!. ie Foxcroft, Brailey, Joyce, and Young (and others I'm sorry to not name all for the sake of keeping this comment as brief as possible). I don't hear you all dissing; Juravinski, Lee Chin or DeGroote. I'm sorry you're not a millionaire, but losing the bitterness might help you.* These are Hamiltonians that give a crap about our City.

Look, I'm only repeating what was said by our Mayor that a WH stadium 'would spur development and spin-offs, not only at WH but also downtown' . So if IVW failed to create a hotel or entertainment strip, it's because of poor planning and zoning. If our Mayor is correct, then a stadium should be a profit making investment regardless of its location. The argument then becomes, what area directly benefits the most? Longwood sucks almost as much as WH because of the limited access and surrounding land use. Almost all residential and difficult to access for regional fans.

If you want to take IVW as an example of zero area investment, than why would WH be any different? But the mayor told us WH Stadium would help the immediate area AS WELL AS downtown (as much as a stretch that is) that is what our mayor said. Don't hate me for repeating what our mayor said.

Either a stadium does that or doesn't? You can't say one location will do this and another location won't. It just depends on where? It does or it doesn't. Carmen's was ready to put a shovel in the ground for a hotel for a WM location. At least at Confederation Park we by-pass land speculators and if the land value goes up Hamilton benefits when/if we sell it. I think, that development anywhere within the existing Hamilton borders is good for Hamilton. I'm for supporting the urbanization of ALL parts of the City. The areas that are serviced now, so why not densify them? Heck, even Harlem (on Manhattan Island) was at one time considered suburban.

Understand, I'm not trying to change anyone's mind. I'm glad you have your own opinion and care to express it. I'm happy to be challenged in my thoughts, it makes me give more thought to what I think. That's the point of RTH. It's not to bully-out other opinions and comments.

I only wish to express mine. And desire the same respect as you do. Not to be called names but to at least be heard. The same way I hear and absorb all the positions on an argument before I determine my own position.

It's your choice, it's your perception, it's your opinion, that's democracy... in the end, we get what we deserve.

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