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By No to Airport Mega-Project (anonymous) | Posted October 19, 2010 at 01:26:33

Eisenberger supports the airport expansion. Can you believe it? He must know that it's a farce project that will bankrupt our city even mores. I can't vote for him now!

Bratina said "NO" to the airport expansion. So did McHattie.

That's why I already voted for Bratina in the advance poll and will help him canvas this week.

We need a Mayor with balls and a some fire. Somebody that has the guts to say the things that need to be said, and understands what he is saying. Bratina is that man. We're lucky to have someone with his depth of knowledge devoting his time to improve Hamilton's future path.

Sure, Eisenberger is a good guy, but doesn't inspire. He's a fluffster. He's for the airport. He was for Red Hill. He's DiLiar in a conservative blue suit.

Bratina's our man, and his spirit will help Hamilton. Watch.

In the meantime, please disseminate the website about Larry "The Liar" DiIanni. It's a disgrace that this slimy crook is running again. Has he no conscience?

Check out this "Anybody but DiIanni" website, and share it with others: http//

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