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By Brandon (registered) | Posted October 19, 2010 at 08:42:08


You have spoken about spin off jobs and I agree that they are highly desirable. Why not put a stadium downtown where we have a ton of vacant office space! Restaurants downtown will see huge bump on game and event nights as well.

I personally have nothing against successful people, in fact I think I might be on my way to being one some day in the distant future. My problem is with using public money to primarily benefit an already wealthy individual. Bob's plan is to build the stadium in a location where he can channel as many revenue streams into his own pocket as possible. Once again, I have no problem with this if he was paying for the stadium himself. But he isn't.

Since, however, it's our dime that's funding the stadium, the dimes that it produces should be coming back into our pockets.

So, if you're getting downvoted for suggesting a site other than WH, it's not out of spite, it's because, as a whole, the RTH community supports the WH location for it's potential benefits that the other sites can't match.

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