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By Meagan (anonymous) | Posted October 20, 2010 at 08:24:17

Hi, I'm a new resident and have tried to keep up with the issues and watched the panel last night. I won't be voting for Di Ianni or Bratina, I'll say that now. Eisenberger does not have my confidence due to the years in office and lack of progress for Hamilton, particularly the core. Watching the panel last night and subsequent reading up on this site, I have to wonder what others think about Veri. I was impressed, but he isn't even a major contender it seems. I was impressed, but not so much about the Fair Trade issue, perhaps because I don't quite understand it.

Now, as a resident of Ward 3, I am particularly disenchanted with council. I had a look at Morelli's campaign donators, and I am not impressed. With my vote I'm hoping to be a small voice in the overhaul of Hamilton's council. It's obvious that the old guard needs to go, and that we need charismatic and knowledgeable people who are willing to take Hamilton into the 21st century (even if we are a decade late). I want to see city council, as it is today, wiped out, and new fresh blood put in. We need innovators.

I'm interested in hearing other's opinions, on Veri, and on Ward 3 contenders as well.

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