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By Meagan (anonymous) | Posted October 21, 2010 at 07:50:33

Hi Pxtl, Yes, I'm new, and I already love Hamilton. I'm not apathetic, though. I've known of Hamilton's core problems for years. It's what GTAers love to dog Hamilton about. I moved here in spite of the turned-up noses and insults from even complete strangers when they overhear that I've moved here. Yes, they comment without being invited into the conversation. It boils my blood, so I guess I am attached to Hamilton and its future. Don't dog my town, people. :)

What I see is a sense of futility among some, and I don't believe council is doing what it can. Firstly, let's revisit the property standards bylaws. They should not continue to allow business to board up their windows, allow irregular use of storefronts as homes, and should limit the number of consignment and second-hand stores. If they can attract business with tax incentives and actually putting money into the business stretches such as what Main east and King east, they will see the return. I have read on this site on a few occasions how these stretches are not unlike certain parts of very successful neighbourhoods of Toronto. Knowing the areas of which they refer, I wholeheartedly agree. I remember the wastelands of St.Clair Avenue West, Dundas West in the Junction and Annex, and Bloor West Village.

I looked into BIAs for these areas, but because I am a resident and not a business owner, there is only so much I can do. I would love to see more cooperation between council and BIAs for many areas of Hamilton. Each can have their unique identity, and it's through the implementation of business communities, the support of businesses willing to take the "leap of faith" by council that we can slowly rebuild. Issues a kin to what the Pearl went through cannot be repeated. We need to learn from them. I believe that nothing short of an aggressive campaign to attract business and rebuild each neighbourhood's business element will work.

You know, I wasn't even this active and interested in municipal politics when I was a Torontonian! We've got a special thing here with Hamilton, and I truly believe that our current fate is a result of missed opportunities.

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