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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted October 21, 2010 at 12:29:49

Capitalist, I am very short on time as I am running late getting from job#1 to job#2 but I'd like to write a quick note about the development charges and potential tax incomes.

These numbers are based on an assumption of 100% uptake in the AEGD which is basically guaranteed not to happen.

Regarding media coverage, I think we can all agree that despite both decisions happening at about the same time, the largest media sources in the city were covering the stadium debate like a thick blanket while barely even mentioning the AEGD, despite the fact that it will cost us significantly more.

The number of AEGD articles on RTH are a testament to the dedication of the writers on this website to ensure that ALL information on the most important issues affecting our city are brought to the public.

The "many people" that I mention are the ones that have spent a lot of personal time sifting through the tedious documents that spell out this project. While there are many of them (as in, quite a few more than zero), their numbers pale in comparison to the entire city population, many of which I have recently found out cannot even spell aerotropolis let alone tell you what the aerotropolis/aegd actually is. This represents a failure of the city in getting the information out and a failure of our mainstream media.

In the end, some people may be happy funding this project (what will it end up costing... $1000 per taxpayer?) but I certainly am not.

Let's focus on getting our currently serviced lands filled first please.

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